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Renovation Time, its a new Day!

The lock down period gave the whole world a chance to take a deep breath and pause. I was no different. As I thought about the studio post CB, I realised it would be a great opportunity to revamp, renew and renovate the entire studio. Give it a new look and feel, open up some previously closed spaces, section off other ones and create a fresh new look and energy for life when we open up.

So that is what we are doing now. The studio will be closed from Sun 19th Jul till 26th Jul after which we will re-open (tada), with some silent fanfare to our beloved students, new and old. Come by and take your pieces and we will see on the other side of the looking glass! If you are curious, then come bearing snacks to hear the story of how the revamped studio will look. :)

Bye for now and see you soon!

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