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Padme Hum Studio is proud to have been a part of many incredible events and exhibitions over the past few years. To see our upcoming events as well as our  past exhibitions please scroll down.

Kala ghoda art festival

February 2023

A nine-day long annual festival, to celebrate all manner of art and craft. Attracting visitors from all over India and the world.

kala ghoda, South mumbai - india

Affordable Art Fair

 November 2022

F1 Pit bUilding - Singapore

A series exploring the network of connections we see in both fungus and human relationships. The regeneration of the environment during COVID lockdown and the importance of human connection and a return to nature.

resilience art exhibition

March 2022

During the COVID lockdowns of 2020 many of us found ourselves detached from nature. This collection examins our relationship with the environmant and the feeling of containment.

selegie art center - Singapore

Singapore clay festival

 November 2022

enabling village - Singapore

In this series Tania worked to test the boundaries of realism that could be produced with ceramic flowers.

Singapore clay festival

March 2021

Padme Hum Studio ran a workshop teaching students how to handmake ceramic flowers.

enabling center - Singapore

dreamland arts exhibition

August 2019

visual arts center - Singapore

This collection was an exploration of Dervishes. Capturing the movement and energy of thier movements. Recreating their form and fluidity in clay.

affordable art fair singapore

October 2019

This collection explores humans' relationship with our environment, the bleaching coral, of coral, the pollution of waterways. As if we are draining the life, the color from our beautiful earth.

F1 Pit BUilding - Singapore

tougei arts exhibition

August 2019

ceramic house - Singapore

An exhbibtion showcasing the works of Singapore based ceramicists.

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