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To empower through 

ceramic art.

About Us

Welcome to Padme Hum Studio, the best pottery studio in the center of Singapore and a proud social enterprise helping low-income women in India.

Although only established in 2018 Padme Hum has quickly become one of Singapore’s top ten Pottery Studios and the best studio in the center of Singapore. With a reputation for excellence in both the commercial and Fine Art space, Padme Hum sets itself apart from other studios in the region.


Our mission is to empower people through ceramic art and we take great pride in being both a ceramic studio and social enterprise. Over the past 5 years, we have taught more than 1000 students including both children and adults. We are proud of our teaching style which teaches students the skills they need to do, 'their art, their way'. We encourage students to express themselves. Rather than have every student try to recreate the same piece, we teach our students the skills they need to create what they want to make. Our 140+ five-star reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Google are clear indicators that this approach works.


our India studio

Our India studio is where most of our large production and corporate orders are produced, it also functions as a social enterprise. All of our staff in India are either low-income earners or victims of abuse. We teach these women free of charge and empower them to learn valuable skills that allow them to gain financial independence.


Working with clay in itself is incredibly therapeutic and an excellent tool to assist with mental health. Because of this we also work with a partner NGO to support youth who have been victims of the sex trade. These girls can use our studio as a safe place to rest and recuperate with the option of joining our upskill program when they are ready. All of these initiatives are provided free of charge and the women are paid for any work they produce.

To empower people through ceramic art.


Padme Hum

 ‘Padme’ means lotus flower, a symbol of the beauty that can emerge from murky waters and a metaphor for both the process of turning clay (dirt) into incredible ceramics and the transformation we see in the women we work with.

“Hum’ stands for the spirit of enlightenment and accurately reflects the ethos and values of the studio and its founder.



  • Top 500 SME Singapore- 2022

  • Best Run Woman Business in Singapore, P&G and UN Women’s Network: Padme Hum was one of nineteen companies to be awarded, 2019

  • Curated Member of UN WE Connect Singapore: Awarded only to select companies globally, 2019

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Top in Singapore Award (150x150)