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  • How is pottery made ?
    Making a piece of pottery from start to finish takes roughly 2 weeks. You will need to attend a minimum of two classes if you want to both make and glaze (paint) your piece. Pieces need to be glazed and fired twice to be non porous as well as food and dishwasher safe. The following diagram shows the different steps involved from start to finish.
  • What should I expect in my class?
    In your first pottery class you will have chance to try out wheel throwing as well as hand building techniques. You will make a small pieces using each method by the end of your class. On the wheel you will make a small bowl and for hand building you will be given a choice between a few different techniques and methods to produce something of your choice. This could be a small platter, plate or figurine. All of the materials and tools you need will be provided. You will be expected to clean up your area after you are finished. If you would like to glaze ( paint) your piece then you would do so in your next class after it has dried and been fired. Please read the, 'What is expected of me?" and " How is pottery made?" section in the FAQ's for more information. Please bring a water bottle and something to eat if you are in class during meal time. There is a hawker centre about 5minutes walk away if you would like to buy from there.
  • What is expected of me as a student?
    We hope all of our students have an amazing time. We hope you enjoy pottery as much as we do. To ensure this is possible for all of our students we have a few rules and guidelines we need you to follow. Cleaning: After you have finished working on your wheel you will be expected to clean it and get it ready for the next person. Sponges and towels are provided for this and you will be taught in your first class how to do it properly. Your work space should be clean when you leave. Similarly if you are hand building. Clean your space when you finish. Clay & Slip: We recycle clay in our studio. After removing tools and needles... Place all slip for recycling into bins. Place used clay as rainbows and leave on board. Tools: Return tools to their place after wiping and washing. Courtesy: At Padme Hum we are proud of the community and atmosphere we have in studio. To ensure this please treat everyone in the studio with kindness and courtesy. Padme Hum has the right to refuse anyone entry or ask anyone to leave if they do not behave kindly and courteously. Be kind and supportive to everyone in studio. Finally please do not touch other peoples pieces. Ceramics are very fragile and breakages are chargable. Practice, Practice, Practice: Don't get attached to the outcome. Enjoy the experience and process of learning a new skill. Cancelation: We get it, sometimes things pop up. If you need to cancel please message Tania two hours before class starts otherwise you will be charged in full for any classes you do not attend.
  • Can I keep all the pieces I create?
    Yes!! You can keep absolutely keep all of the pieces that you make in studio. However it is important to keep some things in mind. You piece will not be durable, food and dishwasher safe until it has been fired twice and glazed. Depending on the class you are in and the size of your piece firing your piece will incur additional charges. ( See Firing Costs) Not all pieces need to be kept, If you don't love it, wont cherish it, or use it regularly, consider recycling the clay. Padme Hum Studio may also reject the firing of pieces which have not been thrown adequately, have not been cleaned properly post-glazing, or pose a risk to explode within the kiln. It is not fair to other students who have their work in the kiln to risk an explosion which would damage their pieces aswell. We take every precaution to make sure pieces survive the drying and firing process, however sometimes despite all of our best efforts pieces break. This is the nature of pottery, ceramic pieces are fragile even after bisque and glaze firing. If your piece breaks we are so sorry but we will not remake it for you and there are no refunds for broken pieces.
  • Are there any additional costs involved after my class fee?
    All of your materials and tools are included in your class price. This includes the clay and glazes. However there are additional costs for firing. Each piece you create will incur a $1.25 fee, additionally if the total of the pieces you make each class weigh more than 1.5kg you will be charged an additional fee for each 100g over. ( See firing charges).
  • What are the firing charges?
    All pieces created at Padme Hum Studio will incur a $1.25 SGD firing fee per piece. If you are in our Beginners Skills, Advanced Skills or Advanced Practice classes and the total weight of all your pieces created each class is below 1.5kg then there is no additional firing fee. If the pieces you create weigh more than 1.5kg then you will be charged for the extra weight above this amount. $1.25 per piece + $4 per 100g (weighed and paid for before first firing) For example: No. Pieces created in a class : 3 Weight of each piece: 1kg, 500g, 300g Total Weight: 1.8kg Price: ($1.25 x 3)= $3.75 (1.8kg -1.5kg = 300g) $4.00 x 3 = $13.25 Total Amount Payable : $15.75 Open Studio sessions, Trial classes and one off classes are not inclusive of firing. Pieces created, trimmed or glazed in these classes are charged by total weight. $1.25 per piece + $4 per 100g (weighed and paid for before first firing) For example: No. Pieces created in a class : 3 Weight of each piece: 1kg, 500g, 300g Total Weight: 1.8kg Price: ($1.25 x 3)= $3.75 ($4.00 x 18) = $72.00 Total Amount Payable : $75.75 We have scales in the studio for you to easily weigh your pieces. We also wont fire any oversized piece until we have received payment. So you wont be caught out with any unknown fees. Your teacher will let you know if it looks like your pieces might be above 1.5kg weight. Take note, weigh will be done after your pieces have been trimmed. If you are worried, please just ask one of our friendly teachers. When you are ready to fire, please make payment via PayNow to UEN: 201830231E
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