Padme Hum Studios Comes to Life!

I pinch the clay absently as my mind wanders to other tasks. “Mindfulness please mindfulness!!” Tania’s loud cheery voice calls out to me breaking my reverie. She reminds me that a single air bubble in the clay could ruin the piece I am setting out to make. Shweta looks up from the wheel as her hands effortlessly mold that squishy wet lump into an elegant vase and smiles. I grin and get back with more focus. Their studio has become my refuge from the pushy world filled with schedules and deadlines. One forgets to look at the time. Students will tell you how they step in just to relax for an hour and they never realized it stretched into 3 or 4. In our hearts we thank them not just for mentoring us into this amazing craft but never rushing us when we stay longer. <