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Our Mission

Create & Spread Magic through Ceramic Art

At Padme Hum we do things a little differently to other studios.
We believe that the way you learn and what you want to create is as unique as you are. Our small classes and relaxed unstructured environment allow for you to do, your art, your way

We encourage our students to express themselves to create their own unique pieces. Want to learn how to sculpt beautiful flowers? We will teach you the hand-building techniques necessary to execute your vision. Or maybe you want to create your new family dinners set?  We will teach you the wheel throwing skills you need to pull it off. Are you all about the details and want to spend hours hand painting and carving your creations, or do you love that shiny runny glaze look? We don't believe in telling you what you should create, but we will teach you to master the skills you need to create it.

Unlike other studios, our price includes EVERYTHING you will need to pull off whatever masterpiece you can imagine. From the clay and tools to the painting and firing. You can take home everything you make and what you create is only limited by your imagination.

Tania Misra

Our Founder

Looking at Tania's work, you would assume she has been a potter her whole life. The skillful mastery she exhibits - in particular, with her handcrafted flowers - is just incredible. However, before dedicating herself to ceramics, Tania worked as an Architect and Urban Designer. For many years, she designed townships as well as slum redevelopment projects around the world. After her decision to pursue her passion for ceramics, Tania began her training at NAFA studying under the esteemed Singaporean master potter, Lim Kim Hui. In 2011, she traveled to Japan to study the intricate traditional art of flower making at the Tokyo Deco Clay Academy before going to France to study casting under renowned ceramicist Sasha Wardell. With this knowledge and exposure, Tania then opened her own studio in 2018.


Tania's unique background has helped her combine her techniques and design sensibilities to seamlessly intertwine both East and West to create designs that appeal to all walks of life. As a teacher, Tania encourages her students to follow their own path, to develop their own unique personal aesthetic and to express themselves through each piece they create. Padme Hum Studio and the unique work it produces is a testament to what can be achieved when you follow your passion and work from the heart. 


Gigi Goh

Our Handbuilding Specialist
& Assistant Ceramic Teacher

Since Gigi was little, she has always had a keen interest in art. After graduating from Arts Management in Lasalle College of the Arts, she spent some time as a Gallery Executive curating and managing exhibitions. She kept connected to her creativity by appreciating artworks and experimenting on her own with various traditional mediums as well as clay and ink. Over the years she found herself drawn to working with her hands and has been particularly resourceful when it comes to creating things. Born and bred in Singapore, she has been fortunate to be surrounded by lush tropical flora and fauna. The beauty of nature never fails to amaze her, and being around nature inspires and energizes her. Doodling and clay work gives her a sense of stillness, inner peace, and happiness.

As a tactile person, her biggest dream was to be in a pottery studio. This was realized in January 2021 when she became an assistant teacher and clay artist to Tania Misra, founder of Padme Hum Studio. She has worked extensively with children and the elderly learning the spontaneity and also patience required to create something that you can define as an extension of yourself. 

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Top in Singapore Award (150x150)