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Welcome to Padme Hum Studio - the best ceramics studio located in the center of Singapore, here you can attend ceramics classes, take lessons from the best specialists who conduct classes and get unforgettable emotions

Your Art, Your Way

Ever wanted to throw a pot on the wheel? Think you may have a hidden talent for ceramics? Need something fun for a corporate team building session? Or do you just want to have fun and get your hands dirty? At Padme Hum Studio we have something for everyone! From those who have never touched clay before, all the way up to the experienced potter.

Whether you want to create your new family dinner set, a replica of your pet fluffy, or a stunning floral display, our experienced teachers we will teach you whatever skills you need to make your art, your way.

Limited collection of handcrafted ceramics

Ceramic Studio in Singapore - Padme Hum Studio

Best Ceramic and Pottery Workshop Singapore

Create & Spread Magic through Ceramic Art

At Padme Hum we do things a little differently to other studios. We believe that the way you learn and what you want to create is as unique as you are. Our small classes and relaxed unstructured environment allow for you to do, your art, your way.

Custom Ceramic Bowl - Padme Hum Studio
Custom Ceramic Cup - Padme Hum Studio
Tania Misra - Founder Padme Hum Studio

Tania Misra

Looking at Tania's work, you would assume she has been a potter her whole life. The skillful mastery she exhibits - in particular, with her handcrafted flowers - is just incredible. However, before dedicating herself to ceramics, Tania worked as an Architect and Urban Designer.

Ceramic Bowl - Padme Hum Studio

We are proud of our students and are very pleased with how they speak of us

Ceramic and Pottery Classes - Padme Hum Studio


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